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F1 GP Turkish 2010: Hamilton win, Webber-Vettel collate

Sunday, May 30, 2010

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Red Bull's dominance in the last few races stained in Istanbul. The collision between the two drivers damaging chances to win in Turkey on Sunday 30/05/2010, and McLaren took the fruit from the incident.

Is incident on lap 40 that makes Turkey GP race interesting. In positions 1-2, followed by Mark Webber, Sebastian Vettel. In a duel wheel to wheel in the straight tracks in high speed, they are brushed.

Vettel directly out due to the collisions, Webber was thrown off the tracks. He's lucky to be able to continue the race and then finish in third. Australian rider had to bury his ambition was recorded hat-trick victory after winning the Spanish and Monaco Grand Prix in succession.

But McLaren was the winner of the Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button, who from the beginning to hunt for Red Bull, managed to climb the podium one-two. Hamilton pan first victory this season, Button pay his failure in Monte Carlo two weeks ago.

Michael Schumacher was ranked fourth, followed in succession by Nico Rosberg, Robert Kubica, Felipe Massa, Fernando Alonso, Adrian Sutil, and Kamui Kobayashi.

The race

Webber smoothly in the start of his pole position as the holder. Vettel to move ahead of Hamilton arrived at the first corner, but then followed again by the McLaren driver was on some next corner.

Michael Schumacher also performed well in the start by taking Button finished fourth. In the middle row, Felipe Massa intersect with Robert Kubica.

Not yet finished a lap, Schumacher passe by Button at the track straight. Done a good revenge last season's champions in the seven-time world champion from the German.

Sebastian Buemi in the second lap became the first person who entered pitstop after his STR tires burst.

Meanwhile, stick tight Hamilton Webber, a hat-trick try to thwart his rival's victory. On lap 11 he made fastest lap.

On lap 16 Webber and Hamilton were both entered pit stop. Webber had played it more quickly and stay out first. Yet both are lagging behind Button after exit from the pitlane.

Vettel makes fastest lap to then benefit from that performance. When Button signed pitstop on lap 18, he managed to beat Hamilton to be in second place behind Webber. Positions 1-4 are the two Red Bull and two McLaren.

Corrupted Vettel, Hamilton tried to suppress the young German rider, but has not succeeded. Informed of the garage there is a possibility of rain in 15-20 minutes. Button "for attention" with the fastest lap record on lap 32.

When competition McLaren Red Bull is still quite tight, a very shocking incident. On lap 40 Vettel Webber tried to race on the track straight. Webber, who won the two previous series, did not budge. Both involved a duel wheel to wheel in a very high speed.

Because of its meeting, the two 'Red Bull' brushed. Vettel seems too forced myself to beat his partner's. Collision occurs, both twist. Vettel "sprawl" outside of the track, Webber able to survive but certainly with the damage on the car.

The technicians at the Red Bull paddock spread his hands and holding his head. Really disappointing. Meanwhile, McLaren team "dances" because Hamilton and Button have benefited from the incident. They now lead the race and almost certainly lock the position 1-2.

Webber tried very hard to survive and he succeeded after admission pit stop on lap 43. Meanwhile, Vettel directly approached by reporters after arriving the team's headquarters. A crew of Red Bull tries to block reporters and quarrels occur. Vettel calm by saying "come down, come down".

Soon Vettel held a press conference "early" for questioning how the incident actually occurred, which not only makes him out but also damage roads Webber and his team for the championship.

Interestingly, McLaren like to teach how to properly duel between teammates. On lap 48 Hamilton and Button fought very tight, wheel to wheel in high speed. Several times they exchanged attack, but it lasts a safe race without any incidents such as Red Bull. Hamilton, though had defeated Button, in the end managed to secure his position in front until the finish line.

Turkish GP Results:
1. Hamilton McLaren-Mercedes 1h28: 47 620
2. Button McLaren-Mercedes + 2645
3. Webber Red Bull-Renault + 24 285
4. Schumacher Mercedes + 31 110
5. Rosberg Mercedes + 32 266
6. Kubica Renault + 32 824
7. Massa Ferrari + 36 635
8. Alonso Ferrari + 46 544
9. Sutil Force India-Mercedes + 49 029
10. Kobayashi Sauber-Ferrari + 1:05.650
11. De la Rosa Sauber-Ferrari + 1:05.944
12. Alguersuari Toro Rosso-Ferrari + 1:07.800
13. Liuzzi Force India-Mercedes + 1 lap
14. Barrichello Williams-Cosworth 1 lap +
15. Petrov Renault + 1 lap
16. Buemi Toro Rosso-Ferrari + 1 lap
17. Hulkenberg Williams-Cosworth 1 lap +
18. Virgin Glock-Cosworth + 2 laps
19. In Grassi Virgin-Cosworth + 3 laps

Did not finish
Chandhok HRT-Cosworth 53
Senna HRT-Cosworth 47
Vettel Red Bull-Renault 40
Kovalainen Lotus-Cosworth 34
Trulli Lotus-Cosworth 33


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